Dome in the Maryland Woods

About the Seller

Selling a property, especially a property like this, usually involves seller and buyer getting to know each other a little bit. I have a YouTube channel, Overthinkers Hoedown, and if you watch some of the stories on it you will get to know me a little bit. I hope this is helpful to potential buyers.

A Cure for Dementia – Sometimes, while trying really hard, we fail at helping people we love.

Neighborhoods - Compassion is a form of selfishness.

The Cleanse – Managing the doors of perception. 

Escape - Psalm 121 

Ego: Childhood sin of vanity rankles until confession many decades later

Beauty – overcoming fear by closely inspecting it. The soft borderline between dream life and waking life.

Fathers - What is the One True Faith? Reconnecting after a thousand years.