Dome in the Maryland Woods

Is this a good place for you?

45 minutes south of Washington DC sits this geodesic dome on 24 acres of forest. It is 30 feet high from the floor to the top. It is 30 feet across. It is heated by a woodstove and heated and cooled by a heat pump. Three of us lived here happily for many years. It's not a huge amount of floor area, but the headroom is fantastic. I believe that being in it tends to make people creative and happy. It's time for us to move on. Is it maybe time for you to move in? Look at the photo album, and if it stirs interest, let's have a conversation. The dome, with the 24 forested acres, was appraised at the end of October 2018 for $336,800, and that's what I am asking for that part; but there is other property nearby that is part of the deal. Call me at 301-246-6947, or email me (check out the Contact tab). If this core property interests you, then let's talk.


24 acres of forest

Near the Potomac, and thousands of acres of preserved land. There is lots of privacy and tranquility, and wildlife, for being so close to the big city.


This is a place of air and light.


The warmth of the wood.