Dome in the Maryland Woods

Development potential:

I hope to find someone to buy this property because they love the woods and they love the dome, and they like the location - near southern Maryland outdoor recreation opportunities but also near Washington, DC . It is in fact zoned to allow one house for every three acres, so a total of eight houses could be built -- depending, as it always does. This means that if you buy this property to enjoy it, but have to sell it down the road, you can make a profit. But if you want to flip a property, I don't think this is the one you want. To develop it at the maximum zoned allowance would require considerable planning and investment. I could see the structure used as a spiritual center, like a church or synagogue or mosque or some other kind of temple; and a few other buildings built spaced far apart in the woods. An extended family, family whether by close genetic connection or by affinity, could live on the 24 acres happily.

The dome itself could be enlarged in several ways. I think the best way would be by an addition that would connect to it.